How to Quantify the Return on Product Management

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Do you ever feel like you have a target on your back? If you’re a product executive, especially with product management responsibility, you’ve felt the pressure to justify the existence of you and your team at some point. Sure, you can talk to the executive team about efforts underway to define the MVP, groom the product backlog and prioritize features for the next release. . But they want something more concrete from you – a clear connection between the investment in your team and the top line or the bottom line results.

How to quantify return on product managementIt may be tempting to jump to your product or product line P&L to justify staffing compensation, return on investment, contribution margin and productivity… However, this can be a big mistake if you haven’t laid the proper foundation and set expectations with your co-leaders and your team.

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What is Product Management 2.0?

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We launched this blog from the insight gained from conversations with friends and colleagues in the community. The 2.0 experience is about contribution, participation and collaboration. The 2.0 release of a product is recognition of the success of the initial release. We could not have foreseen these new requirements in the initial release, but now we can leverage what we learned from the first release. Now we can deliver a better experience and give our customers better value.

The purpose of this blog is to establish an open forum for those interested in building the next version of the product management practice.

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