Don’t Fall in Love

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“One’s first love is always perfect until one meets one’s second love.” Elizabeth Aston

I was honored to participate in a podcast hosted by my friend Michael Hopkin. Michael has a blog site dedicated to Product Management ( and also runs a podcast called The Product Management Pulse.
Don't fall in love

It was great fun and Michael is a great host. Mostly it got me to think, talk and reminisce about my first love—Product Management.

Over the 30 minutes or so I was able to cover several of my favorite Product Management topics but in replaying it I realized I never got around to one of my most stringent rules for being a good Product Manager (although God knows I tried, I even attempted to talk through the break).

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The Business Value of Product Management — An Object Lesson

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This post was originally published on On Product Management.

As much as we may focus on the role of Product Managers in building great products, it’s equally important to focus on the role Product Management plays with other groups in the company and top-line revenue overall. This was underscored recently when a friend told me about something that happened earlier this year at her company.

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Winning by Losing

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Winning by Losing

“I never lose…I either win or I learn.” – Unknown

I’ve always been fascinated with how and why business deals are won and lost. As a long time product manager, I’ve always wanted to know why companies chose or didn’t choose my product or service. What I’ve learned is that knowing makes all the difference.

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Product Management – You’re Doing It Wrong

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Italy Cruise Aground

This post was originally published on On Product Management.

Would anyone hire a sales rep, have him spend his time updating the website and then wonder why the sales aren’t coming in? Or how about hiring a accountant, asking her to project manage the development team, then question why the books aren’t up to date? Or how about having some of the software developers spend time crafting marketing emails and then ask why code is delivered late?

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Tip-Toeing Towards Maturity

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One Common PM Language

“Are Roadmaps Obsolete? Product Roadmaps in Highly Iterative Environments”

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I am deeply passionate about the role of product management and the intrinsic value good product management teams can provide to a company. However, I also have to accept the truth that product mangers as a group are not the game changers, nor the market makers, they could be.

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